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MSL Sevens

Playing Sevens

Sevens is a four-player game and each player is dealt 13 cards. The person holding the seven of diamonds starts by placing the card on the table. Cards are placed in suit order from six to ace on one side of the seven and eight to king on the other. Therefore the next player can now play by having the six or eight of diamonds or another seven. This then continues, each person adding cards to various suits until all his or her cards have been placed on the table, the first person to put down all his or her cards is the winner.

On occasions a player will find he is unable to go and must 'knock' (miss a turn), and this is where the skill comes in. Sevens is all about holding cards back, trying to stop your opponents from playing. If for example you were to hold the seven of spades and no other card in that suit, as long as you could find other places to play your hand you would successfully ‘starve’ other players, forcing them to play cards that help you, or knocking while they await the seven to be played.

Playing MSL Sevens

Here you play 3 computer players, which don't cheat but are good at playing the game! To play, open the 'New Game' on the menu, enter your name and 3 other names of you choice for the other players. Click the 'Start Game' button to start. When its your go, (which could be first if you have the seven of diamonds) you can sort your hand, and when you are ready drag the card of your choice onto the card pile. If you can't go click the 'knock' button and the 3 computer players will carry on.

MSL Sevens

Sorry this game does not work on small screens, it is designed to be played only on desktops and tablets